There’s an awful lot to tell you about this week and I’m not sure I’ve got time to write about it all properly. So let’s have lots of photos instead!

I’m currently at mum’s and her daffodils are something to behold (see post pic). I’m borrowing her daffodil bulb catalogue for a bit, so there could be some additions to our garden soon too! Daffins is one of the Scots word for Daffodils and is the name of one of the pieces in the song cycle “A Suite O’ Bairnsangs” by Thea Musgrave (1953). I sang ‘Daffins’ and ‘The Man in the Mune’ as part of one of my later singing exams back in 1992 and still remember most of the words!

The Calon Cariad KAL Show & Tell Zoom was a jolly affair – small and select, but we had a good giggle and the winner of the Nordic Shawls book was drawn from those who had finished. Congratulations to Patricia Gilbert! This is her finished shawl blocking. I’m going to do a big photo feature once everyone has got theirs complete.

I had to send a short bio and headshot to a magazine that I will be published in for the first time this June, so I thought it would be an ideal chance to update my profile photo across all my social media. This was taken in January just before the launch of Small Acts.

I finished seaming the Kaffe Fassett blanket for Chris! I shared a photo of the completed piece on my socials and it quickly became my most liked and re-tweeted post on Twitter ever! (713 likes and counting). Isn’t it fantastic?

I’ve done some more on my Good Riddance socks by Lauroftheblings Designs and I’m loving them. The shadow wraps on the short row heel is a new technique for me and it’s definitely one I’ll use again.

My Gridlock Mitts by Karen Butler are finished and blocked (ie washed and dried flat). I’m very happy with them.

I am getting to the nitty gritty parts of editing An Introduction to Lace Knitting. Only the short to-camera bits at the start and end left to record and then a whole chunk of transcription for the PDF.

See? I said it was a lot. And that’s not counting the ‘secret’ knitting project that I’ve spent MANY hours on – all the ripped out rows have been replaced and I’m much happier with it now – I should have stuck with my original plan from the start. Can’t wait to show you pics of this one!

Take care, do what makes you happy and hold your favourite people and animals close. I’m off to play scrabble with Mum. K x

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  1. Kath, I don’t know how you find the time to do all these wonderful items. What a star! I am pleased you are taking on lace knitting as well. It is lovely to see delicate work like this. Thank you.xxx

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