A side-on view of a large pile of printed patterns. The front cover of Into the Vortex can just be seen out of focus on the top.

There has a been a huge amount of paper in my world over the past few weeks – particularly yesterday. Which is why this morning I thought, “What day is it? Wednesday? But… I didn’t write a blog post yesterday!!”

So, what papery things have been happening? I’ve been printing copies of my patterns for the Popup Wool Show this coming Saturday. Or at least, I had been attempting to. I wanted to print most of them as A4 booklets (so, A3 paper folded in half). When I bought my last printer I was looking for this facility and yes, it printed A3 and yes, it printed duplex. However, it was not until we had it home and unpacked and I had tried every possible setting under the sun that I discovered it did not actually print A3 duplex. Argh. Grrr.

I’ve been attempting to do work arounds by manually turning the paper over, but the printer was frequently picking up several sheets at once (usually on the second pass) and smearing ink everywhere. It had got to the point where I was only inserting a single sheet of A3 into the tray at a time as I was so sick of wasting paper and ink. And then I was sick of wasting time!

The printer got sworn at on several occasions (not that that helped). Eventually at the weekend I gave in and ordered a new printer that actually does print A3 duplex (and also photocopies and scans A3 too!). It arrived yesterday afternoon and was immediately pressed into service. It’s forced a rearrange of the study that actually makes it feel more spacious, even though the new printer is slightly bigger. And the patterns? Wow, I got everything I needed printed out in three hours – which would have taken more like three solid days and lots of pleading, swearing and crying with the previous one. The patterns look fantastic and I can’t wait to show folk at the show on Saturday – I will have at least one copy of everything with me. Below is a small selection!

A selection of my printed patterns spread out on the carpet overlapping with each other.
Selection of printed patterns from Kath Andrews Designs

The new printer is a Brother MFC-J69550W – and after 24 hours or so I am incredibly happy with it. The two paper trays also make life a lot easier as I can have A4 in one and A3 in the other. It wasn’t until I got the final pattern printed out this morning (after some last minute updating to the layout) that I realised how stressful the previous printer had been to use!

Other papery things this week have been the polystyrene heads I have been covering with Décopatch paper to make them look nicer while they are modelling my hats and cowls. I’ve done a third one since taking this picture and have one left to do tomorrow.

Two head forms sit on a pale gold carpet in front of a brown sofa. The left one is covered with blue and green peacock feather paper, the right with blue and pink peacock feather paper. They are shiny.
Décopatch Heads

Also, the paper copies of Haven; Knit Lace Patterns arrived! The books look beautiful as Knit Picks books always do. As I get two copies of each book I have a pattern in, I will be doing a giveaway for one of them with my Facebook group at some point in the near future. So, if you’d like a chance of winning one, go and join!

Two copies of a knitting book are on a pale gold carpet. The front cover showing a seated woman knitting wearing jeans and a blue lace shawl is upwards on the right copy, overlapping the back cover showing on the right. There are three pics part visible on the back - all of the same woman wearing different knitted lace garments.
Haven; Knit Lace Patterns

Have I done any knitting in the meantime? Yes, a little!

The new secret project is coming on nicely, after a few little tweaks to allow for the differences between the yarn I swatched with (a really rounded and bouncy DK from Colinette) and the yarn I’m really using (West Yorkshire Spinners Fleece). As it’s secret I can’t show you yet, but I think you’ll like it when I do!

I finished one sock for my nibling and started the second one: Yarn is from The Knitting Goddess. The black yarn is hard to see in the evenings unless I’ve got a really good lamp on it; definitely more of a daytime knit.

One complete sock and a sock in progress on a pale gold carpet. The majority of the sock is semi-solid black yarn with a trans pride flag striping just below the cuff
Trans Pride Flag Sock

I’ve also got about one third of the way through the next square in the Nevern Throw Expansion Pack. I may alter the bottom of the curves in the centre a little. Yes, I did pin straight into the carpet. If I hadn’t the photo wouldn’t have shown you much – the lower image of the two is the same knitting unpinned!

'split screen' photo. The upper part shows a stranded square in progress pinned out to show the celtic knot work patterns on it, the lower square is the same knitting without pins - all rolled up.
New Nevern Throw Square in progress

This was knitted whilst watching the new Elvis film – it’s really good and I’d recommend it. I don’t consider myself a big Elvis fan, but the film certainly had me tapping my feet and having a little chair boogie every now and then!

One more head to cover with paper and shiny glue and then it’s all systems go for the show on Saturday – Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, 10am-4pm. There’s also a heavy duty wire shelving unit to assemble tomorrow, but I’ll tell you all about that once it’s done!

Take care one and all, and I hope to see you at the Popup Wool Show on Saturday if you’re anywhere around the North West of England at the weekend. K x

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