Three squares of stranded knitting with celtic knot work designs are joined with dark grey garter stitch borders. The centre square has a blue background with grey pattern and the outer squares have a grey background with blue pattern.

Many of the things I’m making seem to be blue at the minute! But then it always was my favourite colour, even when I was little.

The Nevern Throw Expansion Pack is nearly there. I’ve joined as much of it together as I can until I get back home to where the final square is pinned out. It will definitely be dry by the time I get to it.

The blue doesn’t show up so well on Mum’s carpet, but I promise you it is blue and dark grey. I’m just making one of each chart for the expansion pack so folk can see what each of them look like – and to give me something lovely to put on the front cover!

Also blue is my Morph, from Woolly Wormhead’s Cuboidal collection. It’s growing well and I’m very pleased with it so far. I keep thinking that with the crown at the bottom it would also make an excellent bag…

That’s the inside of the Hat I’ve shown you there – it’s so clever how you don’t break the yarn at all until you finish a round of mitred squares, so even if you’ve got a single ridge of one colour at the start of each square like I have here, there aren’t loads of ends to deal with.

The outside looks like this:

NOT blue is the sock I started at Yarndale. This is my usual plain sock to fit me (80 stitches on 2.25mm) and it is in the RiverKnits’ Open Day Special colourway of “Ankh-Morpork” on Cormo wool. Again, I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out so far, although it has been a little neglected in the past couple of weeks. I’m hoping that by posting a pic of its progress here I will actually remember to take it out of it’s project bag and work on it!

I used the hat for background as I thought there might be a chance the sock would be completely camouflaged by the orange and brown carpet (c.1978 – wool lasts, but you knew that).

Just a short one today as I’m at Mum’s and there is a cup of tea to be made and a game of scrabble to be played.

Take care of yourselves and make something in your favourite colour, K x

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