There are lots of things coming up that I can’t tell you about just yet (but I will soon, I promise!), so I thought I would share this week’s progress with my various projects. Yesterday I managed to pick the blackcurrants – I got 7.5 lbs of fruit off our one bush, which shows thatContinue reading “Productive”

One Stitch at a Time

Well, it’s been quite a week. Lichfield came out in The Knitter last Thursday and I’ve had some lovely comments about it. I’m coming to the finishing stages of my Treasure Chest Socks design. The largest size is being added and knitted and I’m working my way through the gusset decreases currently. That will beContinue reading “One Stitch at a Time”

Fourth of July

Some days don’t begin quite the way you’d want them to. I’d been looking at the netting on the currant bushes yesterday and thinking that the wind / local cats had dislodged some of it and I needed to sort it out. Then this morning, what do I see? A dark brown bird had gotContinue reading “Fourth of July”

Let it Grow!

We’ve had rain – and the garden is very happy about it! There’s even some new life emerging from the champagne rhubarb crown. The netting is definitely helping the currants to stay on the bushes and not get eaten by the birds. I saw a really good homemade fruit cage online the other day –Continue reading “Let it Grow!”

Putting It All Together

Today I tried quilting for the very first time, under the guidance of my Mum, an experienced quilter. She had already made the top piece from four different fabric strips to make a simple but very effective seascape. I’d like to share the process with you. First up – ironing! A non steam iron andContinue reading “Putting It All Together”

Sunshine After the Rain

The garden is coming on – especially after the rain/thunderstorms we’ve had over the weekend and yesterday. The courgette plants finally look to be developing flower buds and the broad bean flowers haven’t all been washed away by the rain. The rain has also given the chickweed and other weeds a boost so I shallContinue reading “Sunshine After the Rain”

Join In

My current design is coming along well now and I only have the final edging section left to knit! But you knew I wouldn’t be able to resist making a start on the crochet blanket, didn’t you? I’ve also just finished going through the tech editing process on another design and I hope to beContinue reading “Join In”

Second Time Lucky

This week I am only a little further on with my current knitting design in terms of knitting progress, despite the fact that I have knitted more than two feet of it in a week. How can this be? After the first (quite large) part is completed, the design is worked in two directions, andContinue reading “Second Time Lucky”

Simple Joys

Last week’s blog ended with my plans for the week – make some rhubarb jam, plant out the veg seedlings and knit. I’ve achieved one and a half of those – the ‘half’ is that I have at least picked and washed the rhubarb, ready for jam-making tomorrow. I have done lots of knitting. TheContinue reading “Simple Joys”

Sumer is icumen in

So I did it – two yarn shows on consecutive weekends! It wasn’t planned, (Buxton had to move its dates from March), but it seems I can do it! And I really enjoyed them both in their different ways. It’s always good to talk to fellow crafters and introduce them to new constructions or techniques.Continue reading “Sumer is icumen in”