Nevern Throw

A picture of Nevern Throw wrapped around a model and held out. Photo copyright to Knit Picks.
Photo © Knit Picks
Photo © Kath Andrews
A close-up of part of the Nevern Cross
A close-up of part of the Nevern Cross

This pattern is currently only available directly from until January 2022.

The Great Cross of St Brynach (the Nevern Cross) is a 13-foot tall stone cross in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which dates from the tenth or eleventh century. It is decorated with many Celtic knots and patterns, and the scale and variety of designs are reflected in this large stranded colorwork throw.

Stranded squares are worked flat and separately, allowing Nevern Throw to be a project you can take with you, while the modular construction invites options for the positioning and use of motifs. Twenty-four squares of six different designs (in reality three, each with a reversed colorway twin) are bound together with a garter stitch border. The colorwork patterns are only charted and not written.

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