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Tomorrow sees the end of our Summer Knit-along and, to celebrate, there is a final Zoom, 7.30-9pm BST. This is a ‘Show and Tell’ where we can show off our projects, whether they are completed or not, and share laughter and conversation. Tickets are available and there will even be prizes! The prizes are for engagement/completion and take the form of a free pattern of the winner’s choice.

As you can see, my new sample of Marianne Half Hap has been photographed, including the now obligatory ‘flying of the shawl’. I’m really pleased with how these look and I’m just at the final stages of tweaking the layout of the pattern update and selecting which photographs to include in the download.

If you have already bought Marianne Half Hap you will be able to download the updated version after 10 am on Friday 4th August! If you haven’t yet got a copy of this shawl design and you’d like one, why not sign up to my newsletter? Subscribers will be getting a lovely little discount code in their inboxes on Friday morning.

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Another exciting piece of news is that the new logo for Yarn Gathering has been unveiled!

Isn’t it great? We have a version without the date as well, but we think it’s useful for folk to be able to see when it is straight away.

If you use instagram follow Yarn Gathering on: @yarn_gathering_nwales. I’ll be posting there in the coming weeks about each of our lovely stall-holders who will be joining us.

Just like last year, we are timing the event to coincide with the Mold Food and Drink Festival, so there will be plenty to do in Mold that day, and all our stall-holders are based around an hour or less from Mold, so we’re really showcasing local talent.

The venue is the same – The Daniel Owen Centre, the timings are the same – 10am 4pm, and some of the stall-holders will be the same, but there will also be plenty of new faces joining us!

This Thursday (August 3rd), the new issue (192) of The Knitter will hit the newsstands (it comes around quickly, doesn’t it?) and I have a pattern in it! If you have a subscription, you may even already have a copy!

Caramel Slice is a child’s cardigan with 5 sizes: Ages 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8. The sample size is age 4 and it’s knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners’ Elements DK. The colour-work is created through slipped sts, so you only have to deal with one colour at a time.

Things are continuing to grow in the garden, the tomatoes (all four of them…) are turning red, I’ve picked a couple more courgettes/squashes and there are plenty more on the way, and the raspberries are chugging along. I may have missed the moment with the gooseberries, but I did find a bag of last year’s in the freezer, so I think we’ll still be able to have a gooseberry crumble this summer.

I had a great time at the Summer Wool Festival on Sunday, and got a few lovely things, not least of which was my ‘payment in yarn’ for looking after Rachael of Cat and Sparrow’s stand while she taught a workshop. Two gorgeous skeins of Toasty Aran – how generous is that?! The colour names are fabulous; TIGHT FITTING JEANS and PISTACHIOMG. It’s already balled up and I have the perfect design for it – it’s a new one!

We managed to get a walk in the sunshine this afternoon which was lovely after getting rather wet in the rain yesterday. But I’m determined not to complain about the weather – it’s making the veg grow and the jet stream is protecting us in the UK from the terrible heat and fires on the continent.

That’s all for today. I hope you manage to do some things that bring you joy this week. Take care, K x

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