I’ve been to Evesham again over the past few days to do the reverse of last week; collecting Mum from her respite week and settling her back at home. I got back only a couple of hours ago, so today’s post will mostly be photos! The quinces became jelly (though they needed a bit ofContinue reading “Metamorphosis”


Having a more organised workspace has already made a big difference to how I feel about being in the study and I think it has had a positive effect on my levels of productivity too! I also had a chat with the resident coach-in-training about my lack of progress with my embroidery, and through thatContinue reading “Fruitful”

Getting Organised

Yesterday I woke up with a light bulb idea. My study (smallest bedroom) has been more and more difficult to keep tidy, partly because some of the boxes I need fairly regular access to were awkwardly positioned and so was some of the shelving. I thought that if I swapped one of the wooden bookcasesContinue reading “Getting Organised”

Dw i ddim yn rhugl…

…yn Gymraeg, ond dw i’n dysgu! (I am not fluent in Welsh, but I am learning!) Yesterday I hit a big milestone in my Duolingo progress – a 365 day streak! That means I’ve been learning Welsh for a whole year. Some days it’s only a quick 3-minute lesson, but that’s balanced with days whereContinue reading “Dw i ddim yn rhugl…”


Sometimes as an independent designer you get no feedback from customers, especially if a pattern is bought online and you never see their finished project. At other times though, there is lots – and it can be thrilling! I’ve had really useful feedback from people who’ve asked questions because something wasn’t clear to them, andContinue reading “Thriller!”

Over The Hill and Far Away

Our weekend trip to Gloucester was very successful and Sue’s reading at the Gloucester Poetry Festival was brilliant – I’m so very proud of her. The picture above is part of Gloucester Cathedral’s tower, and yes, the sky really was that blue on Saturday afternoon, despite the torrential rain the day before. It was lovelyContinue reading “Over The Hill and Far Away”

Twisting the Night Away

‘Twisted – a workshop with a twist!’ is being held at Yarn O’clock over 2 sessions: 2nd and 16th November, 6.30-9pm. It’s £50 for the two sessions and includes the yarn to make the cowl. Contact Anne at Yarn O’clock (01352 – 218082) to book a space on the workshops – please note her shopContinue reading “Twisting the Night Away”


We have a couple of dear friends who we see about once a year. We meet up in a different place each year, stay overnight somewhere, eat out, explore the local area and generally have a great time. A couple of years ago we went to Lichfield – which led to the cardigan of theContinue reading “Friendship”


There have been some lovely comments about Petulia on social media that was launched with RiverKnits at Yarndale last weekend. I wasn’t there, but I know Becci was wearing the shawl at Yarndale on the Saturday, and she said it was super cosy. This photograph of Petulia was taken by Anne from Yarn O’clock whenContinue reading “Launch”

Harvest Time

The past week has been so busy, and my intention of picking raspberries every couple of days has gone slightly sideways. The high winds today have done some other harvesting for us and there are quite a few windfalls on the grass waiting to be picked up tomorrow. The last two tomatoes are ripening onContinue reading “Harvest Time”

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