Mama said there’ll be days like this

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones; you get a notification about a new version of an app so you switch to it, only to find it’s taking much longer than the old version and doing something basic (like replying to an email) doesn’t seem to work? I’m looking at you Microsoft Outlook! At least there was an option to toggle back. Or you record forty minutes of video only to realise that the lighting was all wrong and your hands look like they’re radioactive? (I forgot to close the curtains, among other things). This has been my day.

However, it hasn’t all been frustrating. I did have a lovely FaceTime chat with my friend Anne of Yarn O’clock, discussing yarn possibilities for my next course (it’s a more complex decision than you might think) and the one I’ve chosen is gorgeous and perfect for both projects.

Those of you who have signed up to my newsletter will know there is a new pattern coming out on Friday – Woohoo! The Little Orme Cowl is done and the pattern is very nearly ready. I’m very pleased with the finishing of it, and there are two alternatives for people who don’t want to graft the ends together. If you haven’t already signed up to the newsletter (the box is in the left hand column on the contacts page) there’s an extra incentive at the moment as subscribers get a 15% discount on the pattern for the first week (12-19th March). The code is in the March newsletter.

After I finished the cowl I allowed myself to go back to the Serenity sweater and begin the sleeves. I’m working them at the same time on two long circular needles, working one from each end of the ball of yarn. This is so I can make sure I use the same amount of each colour on each sleeve and it will help me keep track of (and match) the decreases as well. Learning about knitting both sleeves at the same time was a real game-changer for me. Although progress initially seems slower than working one at a time, once you get more than a third of the way down it suddenly speeds up. You also don’t have the issue of getting motivated to knit the second sleeve because you’ve already done it. Or the pain of not having made a note of any changes you made to the pattern on the first sleeve thinking you’d remember, which of course you don’t, but it doesn’t matter because you did them both at the same time!! Can you tell I’m a convert?

I think I’m going to need a walk and see fresh air very soon, especially if the forecast for the rest of the week is correct. It might help me record my videos properly later on.

Stay safe, keep knitting and don’t get blown away in the winds! K x

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