Getting Ready

January is a strange month. It seems to either be very, very grey and dark, or bright blue skies and freezing cold.

I was fooled earlier today by the amount of sunshine and went into Mold without a coat or hat, just my large Into the Vortex shawl wrapped several times round my neck. Although this foolishness has left me with a cold head, it was quite useful as one of the things I was doing was having a look at the venue for Saturday’s workshops and it let me know that thermals are the order of the day. I’ve been there for events before, but never when running one and needing to know things like where the light (and heat) switches are and whether the windows open. Spoiler – of course they don’t, it’s a listed church hall, with leaded church windows! It’s a great space – huge and light with lots of tables and very comfortable chairs.

Photo © David Dixon

The workshops are both fully booked now and everything is prepped and ready. The swatches have been blocked. The mini sock samples have been made (one each to examine and compare with the workshop members’ own work as they go, rather than passing one round as we would have done in the ‘before times’). The bottles of water and wrapped biscuits have been bought, along with anti-viral wipes for the tables and gel for hands.

And I have a new toy! A small whiteboard on a ring of casters that takes a flip chart on it as well. This will be far better than me drawing on a scrap of paper that not everyone around the table can see properly and, sometimes, the teacher in me needs to literally illustrate a point!

Last week I was hoping to have finished my Water Dragon Shawl by now. However, the yarn for my scarf sample of Small Acts arrived shortly after writing the blog, and I needed to get cracking with knitting that up. It’s nearly done and will be ready for the pattern release at the end of the month.

I’ve also been spinning and baking more, but I’ll tell you all about that next week, along with how the workshops went and all about next month’s knit-a-long!

Take care, stay warm and do more of what makes you happy, K x

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