Keep On Keeping On

I have lots of stuff to tell you about, but it’s been quite a day and it’s late, so I will keep it short and show more than tell.

First up, there’s a new pattern in the world! Small Acts is a pattern for a scarf AND a cowl. I even put lippy on for the pics. Click on the link for all the info, including where the name came from.

Next, I’m getting excited about our Calon Cariad KAL – it starts on Feb 11th, which is actually next week!! If you want to get a kit from me or from Yarn O’clock, there’s still time, but you need to choose your yarn quickly! I have a new pic of the Erika Knight sample of Calon Cariad to share with you:

Spring is starting to make its presence felt in the garden:

And I finished my Water Dragon Shawl by Red and the Wolf Designs!! The lace section took longer than expected, partly because I kept working on other things and partly because there were 1121 stitches per row. I added three extra garter stitch rows at the bottom and then cast off. The cast off was very satisfying. A great re-use of a lot of Colinette Jitterbug that had previously been an unworn cabled vest.

I’ll block it when I get home. Thursday is going to be a busy day too – haircut, kit to post, shawl to block AND… marmalade to make!

See you next week 😊 K x

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