Coming Together

The Yarn Gathering Logo centred on a white background. A white yarn bowl is drawn with skeins and hand wound balls of yarn in red, yellow, green and blue. The word 'Yarn' curves over the top and the word 'Gathering' curves around the bottom of the bowl. The yarn and bowl are hand drawn.

By this time next week Yarn Gathering will have been and gone! It’s such a strange thought; all these months of planning are essentially leading up to six hours (10am – 4pm). But what a six hours they will be: joining with other enthusiasts in the yarn community, sharing stories and buying from our wonderful vendors.

We are glad that the Mold Food & Drink Festival is still going ahead (like us, until the date of the Queen’s funeral was announced, they were a little uncertain about potential clashes). Do go and visit them as well as coming to see us in the Daniel Owen Centre. The Food Festival is always worth a visit, with live music to entertain you as well.

As a reminder, our vendors at Yarn Gathering will be:

Ewe & Ply

Felinrhyd Spinning

Gwennol Designer Handknits

Soggy Kookaburra Crafts

It’s going to be a very busy couple of months for me now and the forward planning section of my bullet journal is really starting to come into its own.

There are the final few things to organise for Yarn Gathering, such as taking posters to the Food Festival during their set-up period. They’ve kindly agreed to display our posters at their entrance and exit.

I finished my secret knitting on Sunday (much to the shock, amusement and sympathy of Twitter as I admitted I had taken ONLY that project away with me during the past couple of days – I got home at lunchtime today). The written pattern now needs to be finished and checked and the knitting needs to be blocked and posted to its final destination. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and can’t wait to see how it looks when blocked.

The two shawls I have designed for RiverKnits are being launched at Yarndale on September 24th-25th! I am very excited about this, and the photography (done by Becci) is amazing. You may well see me around during the weekend as well…!

Here are sneak peeks of both of the RiverKnits’ shawls:

Tomorrow I have two meetings in one day. That’s something that hasn’t happened since I left the classroom! And one of them is going to have part of it recorded, so now – of course – I’m wondering whether my hair is blue enough…! I’m hoping to be able to tell you more about both of these meetings in next week’s blog post.

And on top of all these things, I am starting to work on the next Mystery Knit-along (MKAL) to be run with Yarn O’clock, think about when I might schedule some beginners’ knitting classes and get back to completing the Nevern Throw Expansion Pack which had been moved to the back burner during the past month or so. Oh, and I’m starting to plan which yarn shows I might apply to as a vendor next year…

But, first things first: Yarn Gathering is THIS SUNDAY, 18th September. Please do come – entry is free!

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