Group Workshops

I can teach absolute beginners through to complex techniques such as steeking, moebius knitting and how to adjust a sweater pattern to suit and fit you.

Photo © Kath Andrews
Photo © Kath Andrews
Photo © Kath Andrews

Upcoming workshops are all listed on the Where I’ll Be page.

If you would like me to run a knitting workshop in your venue or online via Zoom or if you just want to find out more, please get in touch via the Contact page. Below are the current classes I teach. 

Knitting for Beginners 1; Cute Stuffed Creature – Learn to cast on with the cable cast-on technique, cast off, knit, purl, ‘read’ your knitting, count your rows, work a simple seam and stuff your work (also available as an online Craftucation course).

Knitting for Beginners 2; Bunting Learn a new cast-on; the Long Tail Cast-on, how to knit two together and yarn over. Learn how to use stitch markers, read and follow patterns. (Knitting for Beginners 2 and 3 are also available as an online Craftucation course)

Knitting for Beginners 3; Texture with Knit and Purl Learn to move between knit and purl stitches in 00the same row to create a variety of textures, how to cast off using both knit and purl stitches. As well as all this you will learn how understand and use charts, how to block you knitting and weave ends in invisibly. (Knitting for Beginners 2 and 3 are also available as an online Craftucation course)

Introduction to Lace Knitting – There are both ‘newer knitter’ and more experienced versions of this class, both of which cover three different decreases, yarn overs and following written and charted lace instructions. The more advanced class looks at stitch patterns worked on both sides, using life lines and creating your own lace patterns.

Introduction to Knitting in the Round – Learn how to cast on and set up for knitting in the round, common pitfalls to look out for and compare using double pointed needles and circular needles. Open up a whole new world of knitting – socks, mitts, cowls, seamless sweaters!

Cables – Learn to work cables of different sizes, both with and without a cable needle, follow cable instructions in charts and written patterns. 

Slip Stitches – Fabulous colour work knitting whilst only using one yarn at a time! Learn to use slip stitches to create impressive colour patterns, follow a written pattern and chart and experiment with your own colourways.

Introduction Stranded Colourwork Knitting – Learn how to manage two yarns at once when knitting or purling, maintain an even tension to create a smooth fabric and follow a colour-work chart.

Intarsia – Learn to use intarsia technique to create blocks of colour and make pictures with your knitting, read from a chart, avoid holes, add new colours and weave in ends

Finishing Techniques – Learn to use mattress stitch to seam your knitting and pick up stitches neatly to give fabulous end results. Learn to make buttonholes and how to choose the right type of increase and decrease for your project.

Cast On, Cast Off; Beginning and Ending Well – Learn a range of different cast on and cast off techniques and which might work best in different situations.

Moebius Knitting – Understand and learn to create the unique structure of a true moebius ring and how this technique can be used for wonderful neckwear and more. Learn the Moebius cast on and create a simple headband. 

Stacked Stitches – Knitting with stacked stitches (stacking increases on top of each other within the same row) creates amazing shapes and patterns to your knitting whilst still only using one colour at a time. Fabulous textures can also be achieved.

Steeking – Steeking is a technique where you plan for holes to be made later, create a space for them (the ‘steek’), keep knitting in the round and when you finish… Cut your knitting open with scissors! Don’t worry; we reinforce the edges beforehand so all your hard work doesn’t fall apart.

Introduction to Two Colour Brioche Knitting Learn this amazing technique to create a wonderfully squishy fabric. We’ll cover the basic two colour brioche stitch, the terminology, as well as a brioche cast-on/cast-off and an increase (and maybe even a decrease!). 

Brioche front

Introduction to Sock Knitting Learn all the steps of knitting a top-down sock on double pointed needles: Cast-on, ribbing, leg, heel flap, heel turn, gusset, foot, toe, grafting. We will be working on a scale that means you can complete the whole sock in the workshop!

Closed Ring Cables This cable technique makes cables appear out of nowhere and then vanish at the top. The best ones literally look like an unbroken circle of cable laid on top of the background fabric. This magic is achieved through rapid increases/decreases and changing the cables to create the circular effect..

Making Your Sweater Your Own, two sessions – Making a sweater is a large investment of time and money and it’s only right that we should end up with a garment we want to, and can, wear. Learn how to accurately take your own measurements, the importance of swatching, yarn substitution, choosing the right size(s) in a pattern for your body shape and how to move between sizes. The second workshop focuses on ways to change the shape of the body and arms to achieve the result you want – for example, how to add extra width at the hips or bust, add waist shaping or alter the shape of the sleeves.